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The current congress is not focusing on solutions to the following concerns:

  • Budget deficits, trade deficits and the National Debt
  • Competency and responsibility in Government offices
  • Health care for every American
  • Dependant deductions for care of elderly relatives
  • Tax all income fairly
  • No unfunded Federal mandates to State and Local Governments

The Plain Talk Platform

In order to begin reducing America’s addiction to foreign oil; I will propose the following legislation:

  1. Beginning in 2011, The federal government will buy only bio-fueled vehicles when replacing fleets. This proposal will exclude only the Department of Defense and Emergency Services vehicles.
  2. Beginning immediately, the postal service will be required to begin reducing residential mail delivery resulting in three day a week delivery by 2011.
  3. Until such time as the Fair Tax becomes law, I will propose a tax credit for independent gas stations to install bio fuel pumps and tanks. All corporate owned gas stations would be required to have such facilities by 2011.
  4. Immediately create a NASA-like organization to develop and deploy replacements for internal combustion engines and the fossil fuels they rely on and give this organization the same type of challenge that NASA was given to put a man on the moon, to commit to “Ecologically Sensitive Energy Independence within 10 years”.

It is time for Iraq to stand on its own as a nation. To end the US presence in Iraq, I will propose legislation that requires the following conditions to be met:

  1. That the Iraqi government be required to develop a firm timetable to assume their own security.
  2. That the United States assists in the smooth transition to Iraqi rule, with a strictly enforced 18-month time limit on that assistance.
  3. After the 18 months, if assistance is still required, it will be up to the UN to provide assistance with a fair representation of military from member nations.

A nation founded by immigrants cannot be anti-immigration. As your Congressman, I will propose legislation to:

  1. Provide a 12 month “no questions asked” registration for any illegal immigrants who are in this country. After this enrollment period, any illegal immigrants who failed to register will be deported.
  2. Once registered, registrants will be issued a three-year “temporary visa”. By the end of the three-year time frame, they must either have become American citizens, or registered as a resident alien. Any illegal immigrant who fails to complete this program will be subject to deportation.
  3. Starting immediately after the conclusion of the 12 month “no questions asked” period, all employers found to be employing illegal immigrants or contracting with another organization that supplies, in any capacity, workforces of illegal immigrants, will be subject to severe criminal prosecution.

Health Care
Every American MUST have affordable Access to Health Care. We can do this by:

  1. In the same vein that we have four service Academies and Scholarships to train future military leaders at the government’s expense, a National Medical Academy or Scholarship can be established. Doctors and Nurses who graduate from this Academy or through the Scholarship program will be required to perform their residencies at a Government Health Care Facility (DOD, Public Health, or VA). For a period of eight years after completion of their residency, doctors and Nurses will be required to provide 20% of their practice to underinsured or uninsured patients.
  2. Until such time as the Fair Tax becomes law, persons who provide care to their elderly parents will be given a tax credit for out of pocket expenses.

The Economy
Just as all of us are, our Government MUST be required to live within its means. I will propose legislation to:

  1. Streamline all future procurements through one central government purchasing and contracting resource to reduce the redundancy and replication of all governmental procurement while providing closer control and scrutiny of how your tax dollars are being spent.
  2. Prohibit the Federal Government from raising the debt ceiling for five years.
  3. Require our government to work with Non-Government financial planners to develop a binding debt reduction plan and tax revenue investment strategy to maximize the value of the money the government has on hand.

Working together, but independent of the traditional two party system, WE must develop and implement a plan to solve these issues for ALL Americans, not just the "favored few."


Wes Hoaglund
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