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Sevices We Provide


Our current shop labor rate is $60 an hour.


You'll find it's one of the most competitive rates in Brevard. Most services have flat rates.


Below is a list of some of the many services we offer. This is not a complete list or exact pricing as all bikes will vary slightly in price, depending on the complexity and time it takes to complete the service.



Tune Up (Basic)*

Starts At
Majority of bikes


Full Service Tune Up (Including valve adjustment) *

Starts At
Inline 3/4
Inline twin
V Twin


Cycle Ops offers 2 different tune ups, "basic" and "full". The only difference between the two is the valve adjusment on the "Full". We perform all required tasks set forth by the manufacturer, as well as a little extra.


Here is a list of tasks performed during a "Full" Tune Up:

  • Change oil
  • Replace oil filter
  • Replace or service air filter
  • Check and adjust valves
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Check and adjust ignition timing (if applicable)
  • Check and top off coolant
  • Synchronize carburetors or throttle bodies (if applicable)
  • Set idle speed
  • Lubricate all cables
  • Adjust clutch
  • Adjust throttle cables
  • Check brake fluid, bleed if necessary
  • Adjust brakes (if applicable)
  • Clean drive chain (if applicable)
  • Lubricate and adjust drive chain/belt (if applicable)
  • Set tire pressures
  • Check and adjust steering head bearings
  • Road test


Starts At
Oil Change
Bikes w/ Cowling
Lube & Adjust Chain


Oil is the lifeblood of your motorcycle's engine. To keep your engine running the way it was designed to, the oil must be changed routinely. At Cycle Ops we recommend that the oil be changed every 3,000 miles to ensure that your bike has a long life. We also offer Full Synthetic oil at an additional charge.


Carburetor Rebuild **

Starts At
4 cylinder
3 cylinder
2 cylinder
1 cylinder


Dirty carburetors are the number one cause of poor performance for motorcycles. At Cycle Ops we realise that everyone can't ride ALL the time. If your bike has been sitting for a while, the gas in the carburetors evaporates and leaves behind a varnish that can clog small pieces and openings within. This "clogging" can also occur from using low grade fuels over time. Let us bring your bike back to life with a carb rebuild, and enjoy the full performance of your motorcycle.

Fuel Injector Cleaning (Includes throttle bodies) **

Starts At
4 cylinder
3 cylinder
2 cylinder
1 cylinder


Here at Cycle Ops one of our biggest peeves is the claims made by "Fuel System Cleaner" companies. If the stuff in the bottle was really good enough to clean your injectors it would also eat away at your rubber fuel lines. Come by and let us clean them right. Clean injectors restore fuel economy and performance.

Driveline and Suspension *

Starts At
Fork seals (Per leg)
Steering head bearings
Chain and sprockets
Wheel bearings
Swingarm bearings
Brake pads (per caliper)


Chains and sprockets wear over time, twice as fast if they aren't maintained. Most chains should be lubed every 500-600 miles to get the most life out it. Also the slack on most bikes should be right around 30mm. However if your drive system is worn out, you must replace the chain AND sprockets with fresh ones, otherwise you'll be replacing them both again sooner than you'd like.


Diagnosis by the hour


At Cycle Ops we understand that to most the electrical/charging system is invisible... until something goes wrong. If your bikes system is suffering from electrical gremlins let us fix it for you. We solder and heat shrink every wire we connect or splice, so the job is sure to last.


Wheels and Tires*

Starts At
Mounted and Balanced (wheels off the bike)
$20 per wheel
Mounted and Balanced (wheels on the bike)
$30 per wheel


All prices are starting prices. Prices do not include any materials, parts or tire disposal charges.


The only part of your motorcycle that actually touches the road, at any given time, is a section of rubber about the size of your palm. That should encompass how important you motorcycle's tires are. At Cycle Ops we also understand how important it is to have those rubbers on nice rims. Which is why we use only NOMAR wheel and tire equipement to safely mount and balance you tires without chipping, scratching, or marring your rims.



Service Disclaimer

All prices are labor only. Parts and materials are extra. Labor prices subject to change. We reserve the right to correct any mistakes in labor prices posted on this page.


* Prices starting at
** Plus removal and installation